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Random Thoughts Regarding the Ithaca Area

If you're looking for more information about the latest weekly activities and events in the Ithaca Area - check out our wonderful Ithaca Visitor Center's Events Page on their website! 

Additionally, some of our favorites (sadly not updated as much as we'd like) are below as well as some other random thoughts regarding the Ithaca Area.


The first time I visited this place in Aurora was about a year ago as part of a family outing including wineries, and picnicking. We enjoyed MacKenzie-Childs' lovely landscaping and tailgated with a few sandwiches briefly before exploring the farm, shop, and visitor's center. Some of the things I like about visiting the MacKenzie-Childs shop, grounds, and farmhouse are that they are beautiful, quirky and free to visit. There is a continuously running video that gives some background on the art of the business and shows how their products are made by hand in the attached production facility. A museum-like farmhouse showcasing almost everything they've ever made is open for tours daily at scheduled times. The tour guides are a wealth of information on the business. Touring the house is reminiscent of going down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.

OurBus Travel Option

OurBus is a great option for traveling between New York City and Ithaca. Check out our article on OurBus as a travel option for details.

An Ithaca Summer Vacation

An Ithaca Summer Vacation is like heaven to us after sticky sweltering summers in Queens! Read more about why we consider Ithaca such a great place to spend the summer.

Northside Wine and Spirits

Can't get to the wine trail but want to pick up some great Finger Lakes wines in Ithaca? Located eight miles from Tenwood Lodge, Northside Wine and Spirits has a huge variety of wines and liquor including over 600 Finger Lakes wines. Some weeknights they have free tastings.
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